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Our participants, first and foremost, are parents, partners or friends in the group they are part of. Everything they do defines them in the eyes of the others, and career became a key element in their lives. We believe that training makes our participants better in their job and, therefore, they can enjoy life more.

Through our approach and experience we open a road towards a successful career for a better life.

New Concepts

Organizational Wellbeing

Positive Thinking

Personal Branding for Leaders

Leading Across Generations

Ownership & Personal Responsibility

Lead through VUCA

Emotional Intelligence & Work Design

Intercultural Approach


Take The Lead!
Ownership and Personal
Responsibility for LEADERS
Leadership Journey
Leaders of the RoundTable
Leading teams remotely
Lead. Influence. Develop
Leadership Entry
Leadership Advanced
Strategic Thinking
Strategic Execution

Target group for our leadership programmes are middle (lower/upper) and top/senior management.

Soft Skills

Presentation Skills
Meeting & Work Session
Managerial Assistance &
Secretarial Techniques
Emotional Intelligence &
Work Design

Emotional Intelligence &
Positive Thinking
Time Management
Change Management
Persuasion Techniques
Efficient Communication
+50 more

Specialized Trainings

ANC Certified Programs

Human Resources Manager
Training Inspector
Entrepreneurial Skills
Project Manager

Sell Your Skills

Recruitment Skills

Financial Management

MsOffice Courses


Coach the Coach
Coaching for performance
Leadership GROW
Coaching & Mentoring
for Business Development
Leader’s Guide in
Crisis Situations


Department Workshops

Problem Solving
Meeting Moderation
Conflict Management
Time & Priorities Mgmt.

Middle & top management

Stress Management
Conflict Management
Change Management
Difficult Conversations

A&D Centers

Team Building

Face to Face

The 5th Element
Guinness World Book
Da’ Vinci’s Code
Heart Work
Summer Olympics
Spies’ Challenge
The Rally
Care for the Children
Test your limits
Forest Escape
A REmarkABLE Team
Improv Show
It’s Talent O’Clock
+ 50 more

Online Team Building
& Team Events

How much do you know?
A picture is worth a thousand words
Team cards
The Epic Stand Up Comedy Moment
Drama hour with Bob
Yoga Activity
Cooking show with Liviu Balint
DJ Live Musi
SitDown ComeDrink
Cocktail Hour
Wine Stories
Virtual Dance Party & Karaoke