Our Team

Diversity and knowledge are the main ingredients in our successful team, always receiving the best reviews from our clients.

People in our team of Trainers&Consultants
Years of continuous experience in learning and development
Psychotherapy, management abilities development, coaching, wellbeing, EU funding projects roll-out
Assessment Centre
Implemented projects every year by our Team Building division


Ovidiu Vilceanu

Ovidiu Vilceanu

General Manager

M: 0744 766 699
E: ovidiu.vilceanu@know-team.ro
Vlad Groza

Vlad Groza

Training Division Manager

M: 0745 588 391
E: vlad.groza@know-team.ro
Raula Puscas

Raula Puscas

Business Development Manager

M: 0720 018 855
E: raula.puscas@know-team.ro

Accounts Management

Sonia Zaharie

Sonia Zaharie

Account Manager

E: sonia.zaharie@know-team.ro
Adrian Chifor

Adrian Chifor

Account Manager

E: adrian.chifor@know-team.ro
Cosmin Briciu

Cosmin Briciu

Account Manager

E: cosmin.briciu@know-team.ro
Ruxandra Tartia

Ruxandra Tartia

Account Manager

E: ruxandra.tartia@know-team.ro

Trainers & Consultants

Anamaria Vancea
Anca Zagrian
Andrei Szakacs
Dora Zaharie
Eleonora Vinteler
Mihai Tucaliuc
Radu Vilceanu

Alexandra Popeanu
Bogdan Radulescu
Carmen Nicula
Doru Rusu
Florina Pascu
Sorin Sucala

Dragos Muscalu
Florina Lendeczki
Ilinca Coroian
Ioana Luca
Loredana Hetea
Oana Fodor

Alin Boanca
Andreea Astilean
Bianca Biosa
Marius Ceusan
Nicoleta Akrout
Rebeca Arseni
Victor Cebuc

Project Managers

Bianca Huma

Bianca Huma

Events Manager

M: 0758 225 102
E: bianca.huma@know-team.ro
Marcel Chis

Marcel Chis

Team Building Coordinator

M: 0752 340 481
E: marcel.chis@know-team.ro