We are an independent business, founded in 1998, in Human Resources. Initially designed as a consultancy, Know! has been growing organically since 2002, completing our organization’s vision – developing for a better life.

Starting with our first training program, we have been developing high quality services, that we are constantly diversifying and improving.

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One of the main aspects of our philosophy is adaptability. We strongly believe that people and organisations need to continuously adapt to one another, and that their needs are constantly evolving.

That is why our team is on an ongoing mission to develop programs that address the needs and demands stemming from an ever changing context. Moreover, when faced with the specific needs of each of our customers, our solutions have always been tailor-made.

We take pride in the unique programs we have developed for our long-standing customers, programs that make us rank as top choice for training and L&D solutions providers in Romania.

TRAINING ACT TEAM, part of Know!, is authorized as a Protected Unit according to license no. 46/19.02.2021 based on 448/2006 Law Regulations.